Dear Sir / Madam,

the coronavirus (Covid-19) currently affects private, public and economic life to a great extent.

At T&A SYSTEME we have been observing the situation from the very beginning via the news and specialist information (occupational medicine, Ministry of Health, RKI, WHO) and have prepared ourselves for the current situation and also possible changes in the coming weeks.

In summary, the most important thing is that we continue to be available, operational and active for you as usual and without restrictions. In addition, the measures we have taken should be able to ensure that this remains the case. At the same time, we support and commit to #StayAtTime.

Several weeks ago, we already implemented the expert recommendations regarding increased hygiene and infection protection measures. This was done to protect the health and ability to work of our employees and with consideration for our customers and partners.

At the moment we have no corona infections or suspected cases, although we do not see this as our achievement, but rather as a cherished good fortune.

Work areas that require physical presence and execution are ensured by several changing core teams at our location. All other employees are now located in the home office and ensure our service with the help of our digital workstations and environments as well as Unified Communication. A suitable level of data protection and IT security is also established with us and is therefore also given in the current situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent possible supply shortages of manufacturers and partners, but at least we receive or request appropriate information and pass it on to you immediately.

For all requests and questions you can contact us via the known phone numbers, mail addresses and our support portal. We are pleased to arrange joint virtual meetings in the form of telephone or video conferences (including presentation and whiteboard functions) quickly and easily.

We thank you for the trustful and professional cooperation and wish you all the best for the current situation.